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Boyfriend is a very smart man, but there are some things he will never understand. Like the need for things to be mini. Perhaps my communication skills need work, but the gist is mini = awesome. There was a brief period of time where every other item coming from my kitchen was mini-sized. Since then, Boyfriend has now taken to referring to regular sized food as “extra large mini” to make me smile.

Aside from their obvious inherent awesomeness, mini pot pies are great for portion control, and for making meals ahead of time to get you through exam season. These are made inside muffin tins and filled to the brim with creamy, hearty, chicken goodness and fresh veggies.

{Sautéed chicken and veggies}

{Creamy, hearty filling inside pot pies}

{Brush with egg wash or melted butter to get golden brown color}

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